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Puccinos Family Trivia Game 1

Which superhero has an assistant called Robin? Batman

  1. What does water turn into when it freezes? Ice

  2. Which sport involves two small bats, a ball and a table? Table tennis

  3. What country, beginning with the letter R, is the biggest country in the world? Russia

  4. How many zeros are there in one hundred thousand? Five

  5. Stockholm is the capital city of which country? Sweden

  6. Can you unscramble this word to reveal a number between one and ten: VNSEE Seven

  7. What is a habitat? The natural home/environment of an animal or plant

  8. Which country used picture writing many years ago called hieroglyphics? Egypt

  9. Who released a song in 2016 called Can't Stop the Feeling? Justin Timberlake

  10. How many colours are mentioned in The Rainbow Song? Seven

  11. What is half of 66? 33

  12. Which continent is Great Britain part of? Europe

  13. How many points does a snowflake have? Six

  14. What is the name of the largest desert in Asia? Gobi


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